Friday, January 29, 2016

Is everything changing, or just me? :-)

2016, how you doing?

I feel like you gave 2015 a hug on the way out, didn't you?

Gave her a wink and a grin, said: "Sssshh. I got this."

I think you might be a little bit of a jauntier year than previous.

You ain't got much money so far, but you're still fly.

I have about one quarter of an hour before I need to go pick up the emperor from school, and really, I thought I was gonna scribble something a little more earnest

     cos I'm hungry and I've really not done as much writing today as I thought I would.

But you tickle me.

I opened this box and started to smile. Because 2016 has this pretty twinkle to it.

And even when I'm being a little artistic and blue and sitting around contemplating my mortality and stuff I dig it, that twinkle. Like a diamond in a pile a dirt that might be a shard of glass, but who cares? Whatever it is, it has the sun its eye! Oh yes. 

Exactly like that.

2016... you came around all muscly with love!  Looked around and had these faces all edible with it, had hands all wrapped around my hands. And my heart full.  

2016 you make me wanna cook and clean the house. You make me wanna build things right up past the sky. You came all jingling with opportunity, and excitement, and purpose, and self-understanding, and progress, and acceptance, and a real down-to-the-bone type of even-ness that maybe I've never felt before. Head in iridescent clouds and feet firm in the soil.

2016, I think you came with presents for everybody.

I think you have a plan.  I think you're laughing at the gaps in all of us.

I think you're singing even when we cry. I think, in your shape, I perceive the shape of an architecture beyond the flesh of things, perfect architecture beneath the chaos.

Time flicks its pages faster and faster and here we are.

Is time really real?

Is everything changing, or just me?


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