Friday, December 05, 2014

Are We All Alone with the Rain and the Flowers...

This is the opening song from my scratch performance of stage show SewKee MmeGa: Alien. From. Inner. Space that I put on last year...

I need to get working to put back on again next year.,. So much I want to say!

Given the madness of the world lately and all the 'legal' murder, it feels like the themes of alienation, 'otherness' and fear of extinction are more pertinent than ever.

There is a massive and deep pain I am working out in all of this... an underlying mission to add to a discourse that humanizes all of us to each other..!

Love is our only hope - in every way. Love ourselves, of our planet, our children, our neighbours, our fellow world citizens. We are angry because we are empty, those who are empty become grasping, those who are grasping are blind, blindness causes all kinds of problems...

We need grace, all of us. Luckily, we aren't alone (although sometimes it might feel that way (that's what this song is about)).

Anyway... I've not slept much and am a bit delirious. I'll stop now.

Love x

Rich Mix, London. An original song written, composed and performed by Gemma Weekes. MD/Bass JJ Stillwell. April 27th, 2013

Jasmine Flowers grow so sweetly
in the pot you water weekly
do you ever wonder why they grow
do you even really want to know?
They're just flowers
And are we alone?
Are we all alone
with the rain and the flowers?

Watch the rain
drowning the pavement
on your way to some enslavement
do you ever wonder why it falls
does it really matter after all?
it's just rain

Watch it beating down your window
like it understands something
you don't know
do you ever wonder what that is
Is that really any of your business
it's just rain

Because we're alone
I feel all alone
with the rain and the flowers
Are we all alone

with the rain and the flowers?


Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Babushka Doll #FreeWriteWednesday

Babuska Doll

I have always felt like -
a whole set of babushka dolls -
one self - with it's own
individual heart - hidden
inside the next -
(and the next -
and the next -)
ad infinitum.

But this morning
I woke up and finally understood
I am
the reverse -
stepping out of myself -
every time.