Wednesday, February 22, 2017

It kills and it eats (for standing rock) - freewrite wednesday 22/02/17

We think it tame –
The beast – gone feral at standing rock
Parasite – all tooth and guts and metal -
We have apps for it – we think it a pet
but we’re food - dying in it’s belly
Endless ravenous – sucking blood
Black from our earth – churning ghosts
Into money - It’s tentacles are legion – it takes takes
It strangles, silences and most of all it eats
It eats – decency – conscience – the ice caps
Tribal land – hope – the future – it eats
Blind and mindless automated
Counters for eyes this devil is
A robot this robot is a monster this monster is business
Business pulled free of anchor
Of humanity of human benefit
Of skin and muscle of
Heart and feeling - colonizing everything
Filling our heads with jingles our mouths
With trash and sugar our bodies
With noise this monster dances and flashes
It wears a yellow toupe it is base and hungry – and lives for itself –
And born from us no longer cares - if we all die -
It Kills - it has logos and promises - it kills
It has teargas and hoses – it has dogs and
Helicopters and tanks and guns and bombs
It has metal fingers over our mouths -
It hides itself – it shoots down media drones – it
Spits laws like chewed bones it’s name Destruction it’s name
Acquistion it’s name Greed it’s name Misdirection it’s name Violence
It’s name horror and what’strue and whatnext and nothingtodo and
Itsnotmyproblem and itstheirfault and it kills and it kills and it eats and it
Eats and it kills and it eats and we feed it with our fear and our flesh
And our silence.

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