Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Changing my ways

You are always here for me.

In you, I can start again fresh. Everyday. Any day!

You don't stand in judgement. You don't snicker behind your hand or ask me what the hell I think I'm wearing. You don't ask me when I'm going to get a proper job or a proper boyfriend, or why little man still has problems getting to the loo on time. You don't contradict me, and you don't correct my spelling (unless I ask you to). You are always here to listen, and dearest, dearest, dearest blog - I confess I dont speak to you enough. But honey, I'm writing today just to let you know that I can change.

Want some greatest hits?


Well, I've had ups and downs and ups with the book. A good friend of mine, MB, told me I should simply abandon it. He said, you're just going to end up hating yourself if you carry on like this, banging your head against that proverbial brick wall. Do something else and go back to it! (Gallant, right?) So in the interests of helping with my stress, he instead challenged me to write a 100-page novella in less than a week.

Yep, that's how writers deal with stress. In pretty much the same way that masochists deal with pain.

Suffice to say, it's been 8 days and the novella hasn't happened. I got a cracking good start but must have actually been on crack to think I was going to be able to conceive an idea and then write that many pages in a week with a visiting mum, a toddler who's intent on marking every corner of the house like a tomcat, and a serious problem with computer screen-induced narcolepsy. (Or perhaps if I actually was on crack I could have pulled it off, but anyhow....)

To add insult to injury, I left my novella (nowhere near target) at MBs office, forgetting to send it to myself, and then couldn't reach him! So in the interests of sanity, I went back to the book and the wonderful thing is - it's been flowing again beautifully! Mainly because it occured to me that if I put the work in that I intended to put into the novella, I can have it blooming FINISHED in no time. Oh gosh.... imagine, imagine, imagine!!!

Dude, when this thing is done, I am going on The Bender of The Ages. Please believe me!

Anyway, I have massive theories brewing in my head about the sheer ubiquity of modern-day commitmentphobia (laymen's terms - too many waste-men and-women!), consumerism and the aimlessness of modern life, and about how we all need to take responsibility for it! I can't do it now cos I have to get on with the evening schedule (cook dinner, bedtime for bubs, testing some new work at an open-mic, more writing!) but soon, bloggy baby! Soon! Remember - I can change!

Work it, bloggy. Loving your fonts!!

Tomorrow, promise! Or Thursday. Friday latest.

Gem xx

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