Friday, August 20, 2010


Right so I'ma bit swayish upon my tired feet right now and a bit muddled within my tired brain right now but all day I've been lucid and sober and that's done nothing for my book whatsoever, so perhaps now is a good time to try and get some work done.

Spent some time in the shiny central capital this eve making merry at two bars, the first at a birthday and the second at a little joint that did jazz and some rather fetching cocktails. I talked about love and writing a bit of a lot and got steadily drunker. I realised a very true thing which is, the work really doesn't give a f**k about a writer's plans - plans for the plot, plans for the characters, plans for her year, or plans for her life... the work is temperamental as a toddler, and if it doesn't wanna move then honey it will not be moved. Two separate people have said to me today that maybe it's worth getting some distance on it. But I can't afford distance, dammit! I got kid to feed!!! Sigh.

Anyway, anyway. What else?

I think I want to do a spoken word album and get some voice coaching (why not?) and (finally) record all my songs and chuck them out into the world with all my strength. Out, out, out all of it f*****g OUT so there's space in my head and my life for a real, genuine, no notepad, no laptop, holiday!!!

(Ahhhh, but there will always. Always be more projects.)

Smh. Drunken work time!!!

Buenas noches muchachos!

Gem xxx

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