Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Landing part I: rain, platinum wigged madwomen, disappointment, chocolate and gel-filled bras

Landed back in the bad old LDN.
(And you never land quite as heavily as you do in London. Concrete is heavy - and grey concrete is heavier still - and rain-wet grey concrete is heaviest.)
Crashed down smoothly with a sigh and a half-hearted attempt to dislodge the plethora of crumbs from my 'outfit'...
(...if you could call it that. Invariably I end up travelling in the most tramp-ish of guises because I always put off packing til the absolute last minute and then leave myself about 253 seconds in which to get unsmelly and presentable which really isn't enough for anybody. Especially me).
... whilst simultaneously keeping my overgrown toddler (then just days from the end of 'infant' flying status')i from toppling off of my lap, a lap which was a woefully inadequate seat for a boy his size...

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Anonymous said...

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