Sunday, April 05, 2009

gutterbrain, sexy-teeth, velvet pants

On messenger I say:

-u should do more cardio -

-lol he says - deftly avoiding my deadly punchline
-u should do less

I'm undeterred. I want to tell him that -

-Your 'at rest' heartbeat is too fast

-Wat he says, because we do banter alot
-U shud sleep more
-Go ress

I tell him:

- last time u were at mine, my head was against your chest and I heard it
- too fast
I tell him, I was listening. I'm telling him I was listening

Him, rapid-fire:
-I'm well unfit
-Fuk u
-I admitt it
-Go fuck yurself

-indeed I say, parodying him, his answer to everything.


-I'm a bit unfit as well
-so stop cryin! lol

-Indeed he types in quickly
-I kno u r


-also cd probly use some cardio I confess

-Hmmm he says

then pause

then signs out, no goodbye.

Its a very-velvet virtual silence. Just like our actual ones.

The most un-platonic, friendship (without benefits) known to man? Perhaps.

A case of 'he's just not that into you.'? Peut-etre.

I just hope he doesn't google this! (yikes!)

But just in case:

Love u gutterbrain, sexy-teeth, Velvet Pants (not sure why the last one)... love u either way.


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